New City Paradise Overview

New City Wah Phase 1 and 2 builders have now come up with a new way to spend called New City Paradise. People in Twin Cities and KPK like this approved society because it is close to the M1 Motorway and the GT road. It's also only 30 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport. They have payment plans that are easy on the wallet and cover growth costs as well. The sizes of their private and business plots range from 3.5 Marla to 1 Kanal and 2.66 Marla to 6 Marla. A skilled group of architects and engineers is working with the owners to make sure the building is of high quality.

New City Paradise Owner & Developers

A new business opportunity called New City Paradise has been created by the people who built New City Wah Phases 1 and 2. People from Twin Cities and KPK like this approved society because it is close to the M1 Motorway and the GT road. It's also only 30 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport. They offer payment plans that are easy on the wallet and cover growth costs as well. They have private and business plots of different sizes, ranging from 3.5 Marla to 1 Kanal and 2.66 Marla to 6 Marla. To make sure the development is of high quality, a skilled group of architects and engineers is working closely with the builders.

New city Paradise developer and owner

New City Paradise NOC

Before you invest, you need to make sure you have a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This lowers the danger. It was lucky for New City Paradise that it got its NOC right away. Out of the 20,000 Kanals of land, they have gotten permission for 4256 Kanals.

This okay was given by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) and is marked as DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022. The society's leaders are working hard to get the last few NOCs from the right officials once all the paperwork is done. This proactive method is meant to not only build trust among investors but also make these housing and real estate projects more valuable in the long run.

New city Paradise NOC

New City Paradise Location

The Burhan Interchange on the Islamabad-Peshawar M1 Motorway is only one km away from New City Paradise. You can also get there from the G.T. road and the CEPEC path.

From the Burhan Interchange, it doesn't take long to get to the Islamabad toll station, and it takes about 15 minutes to get to Old Wah City. When it comes to return on investment (ROI), where a housing project is located makes a big difference. G.T. Road has always been a good choice for investors because it is surrounded by businesses that are always going on.

New city Paradise location

Features and Amenities

Like other great places to live, New City Paradise has all the modern conveniences you need to live at an international level.They offer a range of services, from basic to high-end, to make sure that residents have a comfortable life. This includes peaceful views and safe places to live, which makes New City Paradise a way to make your dreams come true.

  • Eco Friendly & serene environment
  • Wide carpeted roads, water, electricity & gas
  • Gated community with 24/7 Security
  • Community center and maintenance facility
  • Schools, college, University, Hospitals, playground, Parks & mosques
  • Swimming Pools, golf course, jogging tracks gym and spas
  • Financial hub, Commercial Projects, International Brands and Food Chains
  • Smart Homes &Villas etc.
New City Paradise Features and amenities

Total Land Area

The people in charge of New City Paradise have already bought more than 30,000 Kanals of land that goes on both sides of the M1 Motorway. In the near future, society plans to grow its land even more. This is just the start.

New city Paradise Total Land Approved NOC

Payment Plans

When New City Paradise made its payment plan, they made sure that it would be affordable and easy for clients to pay. All plot sizes can be bought on a 3-year installment plan that requires a 12.5% down payment to hold the plot, followed by 36 monthly payments. The most obvious thing about the New City Paradise Payment plan is that it includes the development fees. This makes it easier for clients to understand what the development fees are. It’s cheaper and more unique than other home projects of the same size because of this.

Residential Plot Size

New City Paradise Management is offering very basic residential plot sizes

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
new city paradise residential payment plan

Commercial Plot Size

Business plots of 2.5 marla, 4 marla, and 7 marla have been made available by the government of New City Paradise. There is a small down payment and a reasonable 36-month payment plan for these choices. This is a great chance for people who want to buy business property but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

new city paradise Commercial payment plan

Awami Block

new city paradise awami block payment plan

3.5 Marla Residential Plot

new city paradise 3.5 marla plot payment plan


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Reservation Requirements

The following are examples of documents that are needed in order to make a reservation:

  • Two photos in passport size each
  • NICOP for international customers
  • You’re National Identity Card, in both hard and soft copy.
  • Two copies of the identification card of your closest relative


Is New City Paradise a legal housing project?

It is true that New City Paradise has the approval of PHATA for a land size of 4,256 Kanal, making it one of the legal housing societies in Pakistan.

Where is New City Paradise located?

The New City Paradise is in a great spot on GT Road, right next to the Burhan Interchange and the M-1 Motorway.

How new city paradise is unique from other societies?

New City Paradise is a flexible business that was created to give people a unique way to live at a price they can afford. The project was made possible by the combined skills of a group of experienced pros, such as engineers, architects, and other staff members.

Who are the developers of New city paradise?

A group of people called New City Developers is making the New City Paradise. Chaudhary Saad Zaman is in charge of these people.

Is New City Paradise an affordable housing society?

Yes, housing in New City Paradise is affordable. You can reserve a plot with a small down payment and a fair monthly payment that covers the costs of building it.

Is New City Paradise a good investment opportunity?

Clearly, New City Paradise stands out as the best place to invest in Pakistan because it has the ability to give investors a lot of money back.

What are the steps of transferring my plot?

You can easily start the process of transferring plot title by going to the society's main office. Following the submission of the application form along with the required transfer fees, the process is straightforward and truthful.


When looking to invest in real estate, there are three things that you should think about: the location, the investors, and the NOC status of the project. New City Paradise is one of the few possible investment opportunities right now that has all three of these things: a possible prime location on the M1 Motorway, an experienced developer like New City developers who have already successfully delivered New City Wah, and an approved NOC from the start. Also, the prices for the plots are pretty reasonable, and the construction fees are already covered. Because of this, New City Paradise is an all-in-one deal that you won't find anywhere else in the market today.