Blue World City Islamabad Overview

Blue World City Islamabad is the premier residential society in twin cities. Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has developed this society in collaboration with the widely acclaimed Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The owner's name of Blue World City Islamabad is Mr. Saad Nazir, who has decided to bring a new twist to ordinary living in residential societies in Pakistan.

Blue World City Location

It is situated close to the Chakri Interchange along the Lahore-Islamabad M2 and the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. It lies close to the Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the New Airport. Access from twin cities is also convenient.

Currently, it is one of the most reasonable lodging projects nearby and has become very well-known among financiers. This is the ideal choice for those hoping to put resources into a high-profit return.

Blue World City likewise offers a handful of amenities for assistance like Blue World City confirmation, Online Installment, Certificate of enlistment, online Verification, and Application Status.

Blue World is separated into a few Blocks, for example:

  • General Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Awami Villas
  • Blue World Economic Zone
  • Orbital Apartments
  • Minimal expense Awami Residential Complex.
Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City NOC

A serene and pleasant surrounding will be given to the occupants of the Blue World city. This society is best for investing as it has numerous benefits and surreal neighboring places.

Moreover, Blue World City Islamabad has approved NOC. Although many hardships and false news were spread about its NOC in the past, it became possible to acquire NOC with hard work. Another exciting thing about this society lies in its development work and speed.

Exceptions are there, but the speedy work shows how worthy this society is to invest in. Not only was this but following and fulfilling global constructional guidelines was also kept in mind while developing this society.     

Such social orders are the impression of the vision of the proprietors and designers who have longed for a spot to live that offers an excessive and unique life at reasonable costs. There are many other residential societies as well, but Blue World City has its own perks and beauty.

Blue World City Islamabad NOC

Blue World City Master Plan

Mapping is essential for any project, and the master plan of Blue World City Islamabad is simply outstanding in inculcating the most recent concepts of urban planning. Blue World City Islamabad map is divided into commercial plots, residential plots, farmhouses, parks, and other amenities.

Blue World City Islamabad Map Masterplan

Blue World City Owners & Developers

This is a Pak-China cordial housing project as the design of the houses is done precisely and with outstanding skills, which they already exhibit in their numerous other engineering projects like the ones in China. It is also highly near CPEC courses, making it a fantastic choice for business Pak-China financial exercises.

The improvement of this endeavor by Pakistani and Chinese workers demonstrates the companionship and brotherhood shared among them and collaboration in advancing the two nations in an agreeable, helpful environment. Such a cordial climate is sublime for the monetary improvement of Pakistan and China.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Pakistan's second most crowded city, Lahore. At first, it offered structural and development administration. Then, at that point, with responsibility and devotion to their work, they procured a respectable standing in the land business and had the option to extend.

It abruptly became a trustable and eminent organization, empowering it to interest numerous clients in this business industry.

The organization's vision is to turn into a one-window answer for the accommodation for the clients, which currently incorporates land, IT-related work, business print administrations, structural outlines, and promoting administrations.

Blue Group of Companies has advanced to the level where they have expanded their business to an enormous success. Right now, there are more than 300 hundred representatives all over the country.

They have worked so hard and brought this group to the international level and have committed their lives to work for the betterment of the country.


Such social orders are the impression of the vision of the proprietors and designers who have longed for a spot to live that offers an excessive and unique life at reasonable costs. There are many other residential societies as well, but Blue World City has its own perks and beauty.

Blue World City Islamabad Developers

Company Structure

This company has made diversity by spreading its subsidiary branches and accomplished heights of success. Blue Group of Companies has the following sub-companies:

Blue Properties

Brands Square

Art immix

Blue Bricks

Blue Palms

Blue Media


Mart Blue

Another critical aspect of any society, apart from its development and location, is its division into blocks and affordability. Obviously, it is evident that people will show interest in the budget-friendly investment.

As mentioned above, Blue World City is divided into several blocks, so here we will discuss some benefits and payment plans for those blocks. As a trustworthy real estate company, Circle Marketing deals in all the below-mentioned blocks and provides excellent services with transparency. We believe in quality, and we deliver quality work to our clients.

Blue World City Islamabad Company Structure

Payment Plans

Although, societies constantly revise payment plans from time to time. So, circle marketing is here to help you discover the most recent rates of society. Blue World City Islamabad’s location is prime, and its development is at its peak, so its rates have changed a bit from the past. Below is the compact information about the blocks and Blue World City Islamabad payment plan.

General Block

Blue World City’s general block comprises a residential and commercial hub, making it a fantastic investment opportunity for the public. Notwithstanding its ideal plan, General Block will offer an appealing cost for a comprehensive way of life. Putting your resources into the general block of this society will be a good decision, and it will give you the best yield on your investment.

The plots offered by Blue World City in its General Block are unquestionably reasonable. It provides a 4-year plan for commercial and residential plots. They also offer various sizes in this block. 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots are available. The general block offers an agreeable, luxurious living environment and best in modern facilities and administration.

Blue World City General Phase 2 Payment Plan

Overseas Block

Blue World City Islamabad overseas block is specially established for overseas. Even with its amazing luxuries and view, this block has acquired popularity and is surpassing the entire society. This is a result of its one of a kind and sumptuous elements. The trait of this block is that it is explicitly made for Pakistanis abroad, keeping in view their way of life and the degree of extravagance access to facilities abroad.

A predetermined number of business and private plots are ready to move and buy. These are being granted based on first come, first serve. This extraordinary block will offer a superb ambiance in Pakistan by considering every single benefit, like highlights and conveniences of worldwide norms.

The purpose of building this block according to the infrastructure abroad is to make them feel the same comfort and luxury at a low cost. According to a venture perspective for Pakistanis abroad, this is the most significant open door, and they should not give up at any expense and profit straightaway without even batting an eye. 

Here is a brief payment plan of this block:

Blue World City General block phase 2 Payment Plan Overseas Block

What is so unique about the overseas block?

Blue Group of Companies has not completed their overseas block yet. As one of the central regions of this phenomenal residential area, the block is acquiring time. The structure of this block is planned fundamentally for Pakistanis living abroad who look for extravagant living and top-notch facilities. The abroad square has a set number of plots and private plots presented on a first-come, first-served premise. This is a productive and financially savvy venture, an open door for residents living abroad, giving more noteworthy security and accommodation.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Blue Hills Country Farms at Blue World City revitalizes a grand, open way of life. Blue Hills Country Farms is a selective homestead space offering revolutionary countryside farmhouses. The fruitful land along Chakri Road is an optimal spot for having an agro ranch where you can spend your excursions from hurrying around the city.  Having an occupied and upsetting everyday schedule can deplete your productivity, so reviving your positive energy at Blue Hills Country Farms is the best idea to relax. To move away from this chaotic environment, one frequently fantasizes about residing in a peaceful and quiet setting where one might see the value in normal excellence while likewise appreciating extravagance. Blue Hills Country Farms are found close by to suit that need. Whether you are a business person or have regular work, carrying on with a feverish life can adversely affect your psychological and actual well-being. That is why a quiet air near nature and away from the city is required to de-stress. Blue Hills Country Farms is an ideal retreat for people looking for a calm way of life. The ranches have a nearby association with nature.

Blue Hills Country Farms Location

Found right close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) and effectively open from the New Islamabad International Airport, Blue Hills Country Farms is excellent for venture and living. Offering a local area worked around climate amicable, sustainable, secluded metropolitan calming and outfitted with every one of the conveniences of an urbanized way of life. Some of the features of this beautiful and tranquil block are:

  • Worldwide standard Golf course
  • Horse enclosures and Cattle ranches
  • Sports club and Riding club
  • Focal administration office for steers cultivating
  • Nonstop help from experienced ranchers and qualified horticulturists.
Blue World Hill Farm Location

Awami Residential Complex

Awami Residential Block Islamabad is another block in Blue World City. It has some of the best listing residential properties. The condos are impeccably arranged inside this incredible venture. Besides, this complex has a state-of-the-art foundation, and the best elements put it aside from the rest of the societies. It is, to be sure, one of the most outstanding private ventures to invest in and earn loads of profit in no time. Blue World City Islamabad is an all-around well-planned society made with the help of expert and worldwide known experts and depends on the latest standards of Urban Town Planning. The Awami Residential Complex is the latest sublime Blue World City residential complex construction. This block comprises separate and duplex homes, each with every one of the amenities expected to carry on with a lavished way of life with fabulous outlooks on society. Every condominium is built with materials, harmless to the ecosystem, top-of-the-line offices, and solace as a top priority. Awami Residential Complex is being worked to address the developing requirement for reasonable lodging properties while remembering the common man’s necessities. The Awami complex comprises single duplex units that worked excellently without forfeiting quality. The BWC Awami Complex is a practical example of minimal-expense housing innovation.
Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan

Water front block

Blue World City Islamabad Waterfront Block is the latest expansion and addition to the Blue World City project. Occupants could partake in the peacefulness while peering out over the tranquil waterfront. Situated between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, you could get to your office or organization smoothly in no time. Truth be told, all private and business conveniences are given inside this block with the goal that nobody needs to pass on the locale to address their issues. In any unfortunate event, immediate medical services can be acquired from inside the limits of society.
Blue World City Water Front District Block Payment Plan

Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley Block Payment Plan

Hollywood Block

Blue World City Hollywood Payment Plan


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Orbital Apartments

Orbital Apartments in Blue World City gives a great living in an exceptional plan. If you desire to appreciate all-encompassing pleasant perspectives the entire day, there could be no more fantastic choice in Pakistan than this. With elite and sophisticated infrastructural perfection, orbital apartments give dazzling yet easy-on-the-pocket accommodation prospects. Blue World City Islamabad apartments were made to provide vast and reasonable private residences. The trend of vertical construction in Pakistan has risen in the past decade. Although Pakistan needs to catch up in adopting this constructional style, new societies have kept this thing in their perspective to follow the new and more practical trends. Not only is extravagant infrastructure inculcated in this society, but themed parks, 24/7 security, and many other facilities are there to help its residents. Orbital Apartments in Blue City provides a rich living experience. There could be no more excellent condo choices in Pakistan, assuming you wish to appreciate all-encompassing exquisite views day in and day out.

Orbital Apartments

Pakistan-China Friendship Center is a craftsmanship, gathering and showing focus in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is created with the assistance and mutual efforts of China-Pakistan relations. Its development began in April 2005 when the Chief of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Wen Jiabao, visited Pakistan. It was introduced on December 18, 2010, by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani and Chinese Chief Wen Jiabao.

Progressive Era for Pakistanis and Chinese:

The presence of China in the South region of the world has expanded vigorously over the last 10 years. The talk of shared benefit and non-intercession has drawn much consideration in the creating scene, which is currently confronting the outcomes of Western mediations. By keeping this in view, China's commitment to creating standard infrastructure in host countries has a great monetary and political impact. Although facing external hindrances from the West, this collaboration is hard to break as both countries have achieved wonders in economic progress and as well as in the Real estate sector by initiating various projects together.

CEPEC Proximity

According to many researchers, some prominent hypotheses have yielded evident results. The studies show that political collaboration between China and Pakistan will produce greater future results in terms of both countries' rising economies. Without any doubt, CPEC has opened many avenues for Pakistani citizens and Chinese to work together and raise their standard of living while benefiting the countries economy.

It also has improved and impacted the real estate industry of Pakistan. Accommodating Chinese working on CPEC is difficult, so developing a whole new and lavished society for Pakistanis and Chinese was a good idea.

Blue World City is an exemplary innovation in the field of the real estate industry of Pakistan. This society is again a symbol of Pak-China friendship and brotherhood. Thanks to CPEC, more opportunities are waiting in line for Pakistan's real estate industry. 


Blue World City Islamabad is an emerging housing project started by the Blue Group of organizations that will be the primary Pak China housing project in Pakistan created in a joint venture with the Chinese. Furthermore, this society is the least expensive residential area, and anyone can afford it. Being inexpensive makes it equal to other posh residential societies.

It has all the modern and even new features that were never seen before in Pakistan. In addition, numerous plot sizes are available at varying yet cheap prices. It is easily reachable from both cities, developed on Chakri road near twin urban cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. M2 highway is also located close to Blue World city and can be reached from other cities in less time.

Having an Airport a few minutes drive from your home is a blessing, and yes, this society is just a few minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. Thus, the development makes Blue World City an excellent opportunity for accommodating Chinese and Pakistanis under one roof.

Not only does this, but Blue World City also offers all the amenities under one roof so that people can have a full taste of luxury with comfort. Building malls, picnic points, parks, hospitals, educational institutions, and many other facilities to provide maximum benefit to the people for less money. This development task with Chinese collaboration will give market rise to Pakistan and China with simple admittance to domestic and worldwide purchasers through CPEC.

Accommodation for Chinese Occupants

Blue World Economic Zone is an optimal idea in Pakistan, especially about CPEC. The society is near Lahore and Islamabad Motorway, which is close to the CPEC course. It is understandable that commuting from far-situated areas is tricky, so Blue World City will also fill this gap for the Chinese working on this project.

Blue World Economic Zone has a vision of allowing Chinese and local traders and financial specialists a passive, secure, and serene environment in one place where they can improve, restructure their development strategies, and strengthen their profits while pointing their business in the right direction while staying right adjacent to the CPEC course.

and many more.

Additionally, not only will residential complexes be developed, but the world's best vacation spots will also be included in its construction. The sole purpose of this is to bring and create more international and national business openings to elevate Pakistan's status in the business world.

Every society has its perks and features. Blue World City has also some brilliant features, which are mentioned below:

·      Exhibition Hall

·      Top-notch security system

·      Medical Facilities

·      Educational Facilities

·      Five-star residential area

·      Furniture Arcades

·      Water Front view


·      Architectural Designs

·      Replica of Blue Mosque

·      Horse Mascot

·      Cinema

·      Water theme Park

·      Burj ul Arab Dubai

·      Golf Club

·      Horse Club

Dancing Fountains

Amenities & Features

Smart Gated Community:

To give quality and safe life to the residents of this society, Blue World City will be confined with innovative security measures such as face recognition, smart key cards, etc.

Most Affordable Housing Society and Easy Installment plan:

This society has very reasonable rates, which anyone can purchase. Not only are there affordable rates to facilitate the buyers, but easy installment plans are also introduced.

Power Back up:

In case of any disruption of electricity, a power backup is installed to keep the residents from facing any inconvenience. Moreover, underground electricity management has upgraded society’s safety and avoided disaster risks. Not only this, but some experts have suggested the installation of an electric power plant to make it free from load shedding. Hence making the community’s productivity and social life better.

Transportation System:

An internal transportation system will be included by the society to make commutation easy and safe for the residents of this society.

Green and Healthy Environment:

Lakes and parks will be built in the society to make it healthy and to increase its beauty. Green belts and plantation are the core sources of improving health and refreshing the environment.

Sports Complex:

For the sports enthusiast, sports complex will be built to encourage healthy activities and diversify the cultural values.


Another prominent feature of Blue World City is the Safari Zoo. All animal lovers can make beautiful memories by driving down the trail amid the zoo, where they can be so close to nature. They can witness extraordinary behaviors of animals that will be wandering freely. All of this sounds so exciting yet dangerous. Roaming in the middle of the zoo where animals are walking freely sounds risky, but do not worry; safety comes first. All vehicles will have absolute safety measures to avoid unpleasant and unfortunate events.

Medical Facility:

We all agree that Health is wealth. This community has 40 bed hospitals to cater patients and emergencies. The hospital will have all the modern medical equipment and functional machines which can aid patients.

Commercial Area:

Any society is incomplete without a commercial hub. In every block, there is a market place where everything is available for daily use. Shopping malls, restaurants, and various other shops are there to facilitate the residents. Blue World City is a dream for many investors and home buyers. These days, all the luxurious facilities within the budget are not easy to acquire. However, Blue World City is bringing all the services to you for a penny. Blue World City has fulfilled both by investing in the growth of your fortunes or buying a house for your loved ones in a secure society. Once you have put your money into this society, there is no turning back because you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Blue World City Amenities


A top-ranking housing society, Blue World City, has been developed by Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal. Location plays a vital role in deciding the worth of property. Blue World City is located near Chakri Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road with approved NOC. Prime location with affordable rates is the best combination to invest in any residential society. Blue World City is divided into different blocks such as General Block, Awami Block, Overseas Block, and Blue Hills Country Farm. Moreover, Orbital Apartments, Economic Zone, and low-cost Awami block. Every block has its uniqueness and beauty with security intact. Easy installment plans have made life more accessible and better for the buyers of this society. Not only residential but commercial hubs are also developed to facilitate the residents, and they can be able to handle the situation. Blue World City is a heaven for business people and entrepreneurs.

This modern city offers every one of the conveniences and assets you want to begin and develop your business. Blue World City is the best spot to contribute with state-of-the-art innovation, a skilled labor force, and a strong climate.

Prominent landmarks near Blue World City:   

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • New International Islamabad, Airport
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • University Town
  • Capital Smart City
  • Mumtaz City

Investing in Blue World City is a unique opportunity that can double the profit in no time. Contact us on our UAN for more information and buy dreamland for your dream home. Circle Marketing has gained a prominent position in the real estate world for dominating the idea of being an open and dependable association. We have a very successful history in the land business and marketing.

Circle Marketing will always help you find a perfect property and never disappoint you. We believe in transparency and work transparently to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We will take charge of all your paperwork and complete it with full responsibility. Book your plot now with us and get your property in hand. Circle Marketing