Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

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Rudn Enclave, an Eco-Friendly Housing Society with the most serene views, luxurious and high living standards, and most secure surroundings is one of the top emerging housing societies in Twin Cities. Covering an area of over more than 19000 Kanals at the moment, the society is located at the prime location of Main Adiyala Road, Rawalpindi.

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The society is surrounded by Chakri Road, Ring Road Interchanges, Bahria Phase 8 Extension, and M2 Motorway in its neighbors, and also has two Water Dams i.e., Khasala Dam and Java dam, which adds to its beauty and makes it a focal investment point.

The owners and developers of Rudn Enclave, RMRSCO and UPDL have recently joint hands with an internationally known engineering consultancy organization of Pakistan i.e., National Engineering Services Pakistan (NesPak), with a clear mission to provide a healthy and affordable lifestyle with all the basic facilities and amenities that is a dream of any human being.

The NOC status of Rudn Enclave is under process in Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and will be approved within the near future.

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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Book Your Plots at the Best Prices! Now you can book residential plots for sale in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.


Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave Developers and Owners

Rudn, the name of the society comes from the owner company RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd.’s CEO Mr. Rahim Uddin Naeem. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. is an organization known for its services in the field of Real Estate, Construction, Planning and Designing, and Architecture and Security. The sister company RUDN Security Services Pvt. Ltd. will be responsible for providing the best security services to the residents of the society.

With the most updated construction machinery and technology, highly skilled human resources including professional architects, designers and planners, project managers, and construction team members, the company delivers its product after acquiring land from Government and other Agencies on the license or lease to develop housing societies on residential and commercial planning.


The company has recently collaborated and signed an MOU with another developer company, Urban Planning and Design Pvt. Ltd., (UPDL), which is well known for its previous remarkable work in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. This is indeed another step forward towards rapid development and deliverance of society.

All the development will be done within thin accordance with the strict ISO-certified Quality Assurance Standards and recent Town Planning Acts of Pakistan.


The most prestigious and acclaimed Engineering Consultancy Organization of Pakistan, National Engineering Services Pakistan (NesPak) came on board with Rudn Enclave as their Main Consultant in January 2020. With its Head Quarters in Lahore, NESPAK is one of the leading engineering consultant management companies across Asia and Africa. This collaboration certainly proved to be a milestone in the journey of society’s Planning and Development Phase.

Total Land

The society is extended over an area of more than 19000 Kanals, which is under the direct ownership of the company and has planned to extend this land area up to 55000 Kanals in the future.

10000 Kanals out of the current land area is subjected to the first development stage including General Block and Executive Block. The society aims to develop the remaining 9000 Kanals of the area to launch an Overseas Block in near future.

Rudn Enclave Map

rudn enclave map

The location of Rudn Enclave is sited at the central location of Main Adiyala Road, Rawalpindi. This location is considered to be prime and strategic because of its connectivity to other major areas and roads of Rawalpindi including Saddar, M2 Motorway, G.T Road, Chakri Road, and proposed Ring Road Interchanges.

From a holistic map view, the land of Rudn Enclave is located between Adiyala and Chakri Road, which in the future will have a direct connection. Whereat one hand, the Bahria Phase 8 and Extension come on the front side of the Society’s Entrance on Adiyala Road, on the other hand, the society lies between the Army Jarrar Camps and Adiyala Jail which makes the surrounding safer and secure.

Another important aspect of the location is that it possesses two main Dams in its surrounding i.e., Khasala Dam from General Block and Java Dam from Executive Block.

These dams not only add to the beauty of the society but also will make the water supply easier for the residents. Rudn Enclave will be the Most Profitable Housing Project in the future because of its connection to the main areas of Rawalpindi and also because it is located near CPEC Route and Industrial Commercial Zone.

Current Access Points

The society is accessible from major roads and routes within the Twin Cities. The current and widely used access points are mentioned below:
Saddar — Kachehri Chowk — Main Adiyala Road — Rudn Enclave (24 KM)
• Bahria Phase 8 and Extension — Adiyala Road — Rudn Enclave (16 KM)
• Dhamiyal — Adiyala Road — Rudn Enclave (35 KM)
• G.T Road — Rawat — Chakbeli Road —Adiyala Road — Rudn Enclave (45 KM)
• M2 Motorway — Chakri Interchange — Chakbeli Road — Adiyala Road — Rudn Enclave (22 KM)
• M2 Motorway — Chakri Interchange — Link Road between Sihal and Khingar — Rudn Enclave (17 KM)

Future Access Points

Following are the two proposed access points for the society which will be functional in near future reducing the distance to the society:

  • Ring Road Access
  • Chakri Road Main Boulevard

Rudn Enclave NOC

The documents for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) were submitted by Rudn Enclave to RDA in October 2019. Currently, 5-6 NOC’s including WASA, Gasco, Electricity, Environmental Department, Forest Department have been granted to the society and the society is at the Planning Permission 1 Stage. Final NOC is expected to be granted anytime soon by RDA and that will prove to be a turning point for the Rudn Enclave and its investors.

Development Status

Rudn Enclave is performing all the Developmental Work as per RDA’s Permissions and Grants. At no point has society challenged any of RDA’s Rules and Regulations. This Alignment of Rudn Enclave with the RDA Guidelines will prove to be the reason for the early grant of the Final NOC from the Organization.

The development work in Rudn Enclave is at the Initiation and Planning Phase with Land Levelling, Blading, Cutting, and Marking of the Streets and Plots being done.

Neighboring Projects

Following are some of the major Housing Societies and important landmarks in the neighborhood of Rudn Enclave, Rawalpindi:

  • Gulshan Abad
  • Chakri Road
  • Proposed Ring Road
  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Islamabad Farm Houses
  • Army Jarrar Camps
  • Proposed Bahria Town Phase 9 and 10 Extension
  • PIA Officers Colony
  • DHA 4
  • Punjab Employees Housing Scheme

Rudn Enclave Master Plan

The owner of the society, RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. along with UPDL Pvt. Ltd. are responsible for the designing and planning of the society. NESPAK will provide the consultancy for the master planning of 10000 Kanals area for 2 years as per the contract signed on January 1, 2020.

As per the Master Plan, Society is divided into two main Blocks i.e., General and Executive Block. Where Executive Block offers Residential and Commercial Plots to the users, General Block offers plots for Farm Houses as well.

Furthermore, the society aims not only to use the extra land of 9000 Kanals but also to procure further area for extension and launch of new blocks.


Rudn Enclave Residential Blocks

It is an upcoming residential society to provide luxuriously plots over which you could develop residential and commercial properties. You could buy property at affordable rates.

Following are the sizes of residential plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Following are the sizes of commercial plots:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Following are the sizes of the Farmhouses:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Following are the three categories of Plots:

  • General Blocks
  • Executive Block
  • Farmhouses (Block D & Block E)

Rudn Enclave General Block

The General Block of Rudn Enclave comes first when you come from Main Adiyala Road, Rawalpindi. It has the Khasala Dam adjacent to it, which not only adds to the beauty of the block but also makes the Water Table High. It further has a chronological categorization starting from A to L containing ResidentialCommercial plots, and Farm Houses.

Rudn Enclave General Block Map

Plots in Block A, C, and are completely sold out and are currently available on resale with good profits. The Ring Road Interchange will pass through the C-Block and will have an underpass in H-Block.

Block has not been opened yet, as it is reserved for the construction of 5 Marla Villas by society. Block E was completely reserved for Pakistan Pilot Associations as a result of a cooperative deal between the two entities in the year 2020. The Residential plot sizes in General Block are as follow:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The Commercial plot size available in General Block is only 1 Kanal.

The D Block of the society is situated at a height level and has a natural slope. It also has the view of the Khasala Dam which is why it has plot cuttings for Farm Houses only. Plots for Farm Houses are of the following sizes:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Currently, bookings are available only in H-Block for 5 Marla Plot size. Payment Plans for the General Block are as follow:

Blocks from I to L are present on the General Block Map but are not available for bookings yet. They will be launched once inventory in H Block gets completely sold out.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block

The Rudn Enclave Executive Block is the Model Block of the Society and has its entrance after General Block on the Main Adiyala Road, Rawalpindi. It has no further chronological categorization but has both the Residential and Commercial Plot Sizes. 

Executive Block by Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is one of those blocks which has been launched and is expected to be profitable in the eyes of investors.

The More than 55% of the Executive Blocks of Rudn enclave land will be given as the Green Area to add to its charm and views. Executive Block has the Java Dam connected to it which again will make the water supply easy for the residents.

The Residential plot sizes in Executive Block are as follow:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The entrance of the Executive Block will be the Commercial zone and then will come the Residential site.

The Commercial plot size available in Executive Block are as follow:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Payment Plan:

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Book Your Plots at the Best Prices! Now you can book residential plots for sale in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.


Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave H-Block Payment Plan:

The following is the payment schedule for H-Block in Rudn Block:


Rudn Enclave Farmhouses

The Rudn Enclave Farm Houses plots are of sizes 4 Kanal and 8 Kanals as mentioned earlier as well. The site for Farm Houses is Located in Block-D of General Block. Due to the heighted area and natural slope, these Farm Houses give the most beautiful views of lush green surroundings and the deep blue water of the Khasala Dam to the residents.

Due to the most affordable rates of Rudn Enclave, all the Farm Houses have been sold out and are currently available on profits to the end-users. However, the Payment Plan for the Farm Houses is given below:


Road Network

The road network to be laid down within the society will be of high-quality construction material. The General Block Main Boulevard Road will be 200 ft. wide and the streets will be 30 ft. in width. However, the Executive Block Main Boulevard Road will be 250 ft. wide and the streets will be 60 ft. in width. This is done with the objective to minimize the likelihood of traffic and parking problems faced by the residents of the society.

Basic Amenities & Facilities:

  • Prime Location of Rawalpindi: Rudn Enclave has a prime location due to its connection to several major roads and places in Twin Cities.
  • Proposed Ring Road Interchanges: Two of the Proposed Ring Road Interchanges will pass through Rudn Enclave, making it attractive for future gains in investments.
  • Gated Community: The Society Entrance will be equipped with a modernly designed Gate with solid Boundary Walls to ensure the safety of the residents.
  • Wide Carpeted Roads: The Main Boulevard Roads and the Streets will be fully carpeted with high-quality construction material and will be wide enough to eliminate the traffic and parking problems.
  • Security System: The community will be under 24/7 surveillance and CCTV camera observation by the Rudn Security Pvt. Ltd. in order to ensure the safety and security of the society residents.
  • Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply: The people living in Rudn Enclave will have frequent access to their basic needs including Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply.
  • Khasala and Java Dam: Rudn Enclave has two natural and deep blue water dams in its location making it one of the most attractive sites for the eyes.
  • Yacht Area: The society has built a beautiful yacht area at the dam site with boating and other adventure activities which makes it a perfect location for parties and celebrations.
  • Rudn Continental Hotel: Rudn Enclave has an International Standard Hotel in its Master Plan with the most delicious food for food lovers. It will include all the cuisines one can imagine.
  • Sky Walk: Rudn Enclave developers have come up with the idea to introduce a one of its kind, and dramatic Glass walkway for adventure lovers.
  • International Standard Stadium: With a huge sports fandom in Pakistan, the society has planned to launch a state-of-the-art level Stadium where several sports and physical activities can be exercised.
  • International Standard Hospital: To address the community’s health needs, Rudn Enclave has also planned to establish an International Level Hospital with highly professional Staff, the latest machinery, and medical equipment.
  • Civic Center: There will be a Mega Commercial zone within the society to address the day-to-day needs of people.
  • Community Centers: The society is offering a great idea to build community centers for the inhabitants so they can engage themselves in healthy and social activities.
  • Food Courts: Rudn Enclave is going to develop two big food court areas on both of the dam’s sites where food lovers can enjoy a variety of tasty cuisines with a beautiful view as well.
  • Jogging Tracks: The society will incorporate Walking and Jogging Tracks to address the needs of the inhabitants to stay healthy and fit.
  • Education City: Rudn Enclave will provide its residents with the most prestigious Schools and Colleges of the Twin Cities to address the need for the best quality education in the country.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque: The society will have Grand Jamia Mosques along with other Mosques and Praying areas within the Blocks so that the Muslims can freely practice their religious deeds.
  • Water Theme Park: An International Level Water Theme Park will be built by the Society around the dam’s site for amusement and adventure purposes.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Book Your Plots at the Best Prices! Now you can book residential plots for sale in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.


Rudn Enclave

Why Rudn Enclave?

Now there can arise a question in the reader’s mind that Why Rudn Enclave? What’s different here? Following are the reasons to invest in Rudn Enclave right now:

  1. NOC: The current Booking Rates of the society are very much affordable for the End Users belonging to almost every class of the society. The Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi NOC is at the under process stage at the moment but after its approval, the jump in the rates will be huge. So this is the time to invest.
  • Ring Road Interchanges: Rudn Enclave is the only society that has two main Ring Road Interchanges passing through it and that too without any effort. The only reason for this is the location of the society that luckily got the interchanges as a Gift from God. This means that the day, Ring Road work would start, there will be no going back.
  • Developers: The joint collaboration between RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. and UPDL, will prove to be a game-changer for society in terms of development and planning because UPDL has a remarkable history of work in Gulberg Greens. This is the time that history will repeat itself.

The above mentioned are the reasons that make Rudn Enclave different from other Housing projects. But, one needs to have those eyes to see the ground realities and the future prospects and then make a decision.

Booking Process

Follow the below-written steps for successful booking of your plot in Rudn Enclave:

  • Visit RMRSCO’s Office in Bahria Town Phase 7. You can also visit Circle Marketing Office in Blue Area, Islamabad.
  • Completely fill the Booking Form with accurate information.
  • Attach the Owner’s and Next Offing’s CNIC copies. Overseas Clients will provide the NICOP copies.
  • Attach the Owner’s Passport Size Pictures.
  • Submit the Down Payment amount through Cash, Cheque, or Pay Order in the company account and get a receiving.
  • Collect your File within 8 to 10 working days by hand or through TCS.
  • Overseas Clients can get their procedure done online by providing all the required documents and details through Video calls or WhatsApp.

Rudn Enclave Payment Plan

All the payment plans of Rudn Enclave have been designed to keep in mind the end user’s affordability and convenience. 20% of the Total price of the Plot (Residential, Commercial, or Farm House) is to be paid at the time of booking and 10% of the Total Price will be paid at the time of possession. The remaining amount is divided into 48 Monthly and Affordable installments.

Balloting will be done after the completion of the payment plan. 10% Corner charges will be applied at the time of balloting. No other category charges apply.

Development Charges

  • 50000/ Marla for Residential Plots.

  • 100000/ Marla for Commercial Plots.

File Transfer on paying half of the due amount to date.


Transfer Fee:

  • 2000/ Marla for Residential Plots.

  • 2500/ Marla for Commercial Plots.

  • 5000/ Kanal for Farm Houses.


In conclusion, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is an excellent choice for housing due to its many features and benefits. It is a safe and secure community with plenty of amenities and opportunities for recreation. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new home. If you want to know more about such housing societies, please read about Blue World CityPark View City and Capital Smart City