Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Green Islamabad

The Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a housing society launched by Intelligence Bureau, known as Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS). This society was launched in 2005 and was approved by CDA in 2009.

IBECHS Vision:

IBECHS launched the Gulberg Society with a vision of introducing a luxurious lifestyle with a green and serene environment. This society is spread over thousands of Kanal comprising of residential plots, farmhouses, and commercial areas. The idea of the visionaries was to give people unmatched facilities, high security, and a standardized way of living.

About IBECHS & Previous Projects:

IBECHS is a welfare organization that works for the shelter requirement of IB employees located in Blue Area Islamabad. IBECHS has established a well-known reputation over the past few years by delivering outstanding projects. The previous projects, Pakistan town phases 1 and 2 are renowned housing schemes built for low-income IB employees which is one of an affordable housing scheme. The Gulberg Green Islamabad was initiated in 2005 also known as IBECHS phase 3 which is thoroughly executed with maximum security for IB employees.

Location of Gulberg Greens Islamabad:

Gulberg Green Islamabad is located 12KM away from Zero points and 5-minute drive from G.T road on the main Islamabad Expressway which makes it easily accessible from Rawalpindi and the capital city Islamabad.

Gulberg Greens NOC:

The layout plan of Gulberg Greens Islamabad was approved by CDA in 2009 with Ref# “CDA/PLW-HS(127)/2009/257”, whereas the official NOC was given in 2012. The MOU was also signed with IESCO and SNGPL.  

Project Master Plan:

The Gulberg Greens Islamabad is divided into two areas, mainly known as Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia.

The Gulberg Greens Islamabad is developing at a faster pace and almost 80% is completed. It is divided into 6 blocks, “A” Executive block, A block, B block, C block, D block, and E block, where the farmhouses of 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 10 Kanal plots lie. The Gulberg Greens has 3 major commercial areas known as Civic Center, Business Square, and Business Park. The common commercial boulevard called the Blue Area connects Gulberg Greens with Gulberg Residencia.

Gulberg Green Farmhouses:

The farmhouses in Gulberg Green are spread almost over 3862 Kanal of land having 409 residential plots in it. These farmhouses assure a luxurious living standard with a breathtaking view of Islamabad’s greenery.

Payment Plan of Farmhouses:

4 Kanal farmhouse :

Block TypePlot TypePrice Range
Executive4 Kanal3.20 – 3.75+ Crore
A4 Kanal3.40 – 4.00+ Crore
B4 Kanal2.80 – 3.70+ Crore
C4 Kanal3.60 – 4.50+ Crore
D4 Kanal          2.40 – 3.50+ Crore
E4 Kanal2.40 – 2.80+ Crore

5 Kanal farmhouse:

Block TypePlot TypePrice Range
Executive5-Kanal3.70-4.50+ Crore
A5-Kanal4.20-4.80+ Crore
B5-Kanal3.20-4.30+ Crore
C5-Kanal4.00-4.80+ Crore
D5-Kanal3.40-4.20+ Crore
E5-Kanal3.25-3.75+ Crore

10 Kanal farmhouse :

Block TypePlot TypePrice Range
A10-Kanal7.00-9.00+ Crore
B10-Kanal6.50-9.00+ Crore
C10-Kanal7.50-9.00+ Crore
D10-Kanal5.50-7.00+ Crore
E10-Kanal5.50-7.00+ Crore

Gulberg Greens Commercial Plots:

In the coming years, the commercial areas of Gulberg Greens will become a business hub for Islamabad.  The three major commercial areas of Gulberg Greens are as follows,

Gulberg Civic Center:

Gulberg civic center is in the most highlighted area right at the entrance of Gulberg Greens Executive Block. The Civic Center comprises both commercial and residential apartments namely Marvel Arcade, Gulberg Empire, Gulberg Business Center, and many more.  All the commercial and residential plots can be easily booked with a 10% down payment and 3 years of easy installments.

Apex Business Park:

Apex avenue brings multiple sizes of commercial plots on 220ft wide main Gulberg Expressway. These commercial plots are fully developed, and their value depends upon their size and costs. The investors can get the possession right away after the down payment which is only 10% and can start their business operations while can pay dues within 4 years installment.  Some of the reputed real-estate developers launch mega Projects like Gulberg Mall and Signature Living, Sammama, and Sky Park One which has gained immediate popularity.

Business Square:

Business Square is a major commercial center located on a wide park avenue of 160ft near the A and C block of Gulberg Greens Islamabad. Booking of the plots in Business Square starts from a 10% down payment and the outstanding amount can be paid in installments. As the business square is a fully developed area and the construction can be done right after the down payment. The commercial plots in this area are available in different sizes, i.e. 40×40, 40×50, 50×50. Limited plots are available in Business square on a first come first serve basis.

Gulberg Residencia:

Gulberg Residencia is spread over 15,000 Kanal land and is situated about 6 to 7 KM away from the main Islamabad Highway. The NOC of Gulberg Residencia was issued in 2011. It is 60 to 70% developed and contains 21 blocks starting from A to V having 10,000 residential plots, excluding block U and block D which are commercial blocks. Plots of different sizes,200sq. yards, 272sq. yards, 356sq yards, 500sq. yards and 1000sq. yards are available while the prices depend upon the location of the plot.

Gulberg Residencia connects with Gulberg Greens by 220 feet wide road called Gulberg Expressway. This wide road passes through the A and B block of Residencia leading towards block D which is called D-Markaz. Almost four blocks have been given possession, block E, block F, block G, block J whereas block I is near to the development. Some parts of blocks H, O, V, L, and T are also developed. The Gulberg Residencia will also have an access gate from Naval Anchorage as block V is close to it.

Gulberg Residencia 5 Marla Plot:

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetail
AA2581622,100,000Near to Park, Easy Approach
AA2606622,130,000Near to Park, Masjid, and Main Boulevard
AA32061092,270,000Corner plot near to park, School, and Main Road.
AA47611402,000,000Prime Location, Very near to park, masjid, commercial and Main Boulevard
AA47641402,000,000Good location, near park, masjid, commercial.
AA52432112,275,000Corner plot for sale, Near to Park, Main road, Masjid, and Commercial.


Gulberg Residencia 7 Marla Plots:

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetail
H937Boulevard4,800,000Main Boulevard, Prime Location
L74336,200,000Park Facing, Very near to Main Boulevard
P1106504,100,000Good Location, Near to Park masjid commercial and Main road.

Gulberg Residencia 10 Marla:

BlockPlot NoStreetPriceDetail
I99412,000,000Easy Approach, Very Near to Main Boulevard and Commercial
J3221211,500,000Back to Main Boulevard, Prime Location, Easy Approach
O49019,500,000Corner 4 Marla Extra Land, Very near to Main Boulevard


Gulberg Residencia Commercial Plots: 

The commercial areas of Gulberg Residencia are as follows:

Gulberg Blue Area:

Blue area is reserved plots on both sides of Gulberg Expressway connecting Gulberg Residencia with Gulberg Greens. Some of the best real estate projects are in the Blue Area like Gulberg Rabi Center, the Magnus Mall, D-8 Heights, and many more.

Gulberg Greens D-Markaz:

The D block is specially dedicated as a commercial block for residents of Gulberg.  The D Markaz has importance within Gulberg territory as well as in the outer region as it is surrounded by 5 different housing societies including OPF society, AJK society, WWF society, Naval Anchorage, Senate Society, and Airport Society P-11. Most of the residents of these societies use the wide boulevard of Gulberg Residencia for traveling towards Islamabad, due to its location the D Markaz will soon become the center of commercial activities.

Plots Prices:

With the modern infrastructure and luxurious living standards, Gulberg is offering low prices for its investors as compared to its competitive societies. The price for Gulberg Residencia is 30 lacs per Kanal and Gulberg Greens is 50 lacs per Kanal. Although there are various payment plans available as the prices are revised numerous times. Firstly, the plots were allotted to IB employees only but later the scheme was open for all on easy installment plans.

Quality Features of Gulberg Green Islamabad:

Gulberg Greens Islamabad offers all the quality facilities along with contemporary architecture. The finest design, quality construction, and sustainable living give the experience of a luxurious lifestyle. The green and clean environment of Gulberg will provide better connectivity between humans and nature. Other than these Some other qualities are as follows.

  • Wide roads with solar energy panels
  • University
  • Hospital
  • Knowledge village library
  • Hospitals/ pharmacies
  • Sports complex
  • Police station
  • Fire Brigade station
  • Post office
  • Gymnasium
  • 24/7 security
  • water supply
  • Public transport system
  • Advanced sewage and drainage system 
  • Mosques
  • Community center
  • School
  • College
  • Petrol pump/ CNG station
  • Grand shopping malls
  • 80% of green land
  • Underground electricity distribution
  • Telecommunication
  • Water filtration plant
  • High-resolution CCTV cameras (installed on each gate)
  • Incomparable infrastructure

Luxuries facilities:

                    5-Star Hotels                        Mega Shopping Malls            Sports and Cultural Complex

  • Fascinating Amusement park
  • Grand Auditorium
  • Jogging tracks
  • Leisure and adventure club
  • Sports and cultural complex
  • Theater and cineplex
  •  4- star and 5-star hotels, resorts
  •  Beautiful lakes
  • Golf Club

A person can only dream of an ideal society but now Gulberg Greens will bring your dreams into reality.

Why you should invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad:

Gulberg Greens Islamabad was launched in 2005 and was approved by CDA in 2009 from where the development work started. Within 10 years of progression, Gulberg Greens holds a specific position in Islamabad. The top investors and many well-known developers are developing sky-rise buildings, mega malls, 5-star hotels, corporate offices, and residential projects. Soon it will become a commercial hub and worth investing in without regression. The distinguishable qualities of Gulberg Green Islamabad will not only highlight it from the neighboring societies, but it will also become a center of attention across Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Gulberg Green is providing world-class facilities that will take the housing experience to a whole new level, as it has been planned to provide a lavish lifestyle with modern amenities. Gulberg Greens is developing rapidly in a short period that’s why it has strong investment potential.

Gulberg Greens Development Status:

The development work of blocks A, B, and C are completed while block D and block E are in progression other than that 80% of the Gulberg Greens is developed.

Last but not least:

The presence of incredible projects like Magnus Mall, Prism Heights, Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, areas like Chaye Khana and Coffee Planet, and proper planning and development of Gulberg Greens Islamabad is attracting Pakistan’s top investors and soon it will become a major commercial hub of Islamabad.

If you are interested in any type of plot whether commercial or residential or want to invest in any project of Gulberg Islamabad kindly Visit Circle Marketing