A very common and logical comes to mind that how a residential society can be a tourist destination? Here in this article you will get to know every reason that why Blue World City is known as Tourist City of Twin Cities.  It is straightforward — BWC is aiming to build various vacation destinations inside the housing society. Blue World City is already labeled as Pak-China friendly city because of its link to the Chinese Company.

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BWC as Tourist Society

Now coming back to the topic, Blue world city is the place of multiple tourists’ spots which can easily attract visitors around the world. Let’s hop into the article for better knowledge.


Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is a traditional and historical designing wonder made during the 1600s by Muslims.

Moreover, the designers of the society are planning to have replica of Blue Mosque in the Blue World City to bring historical culture of Turkey in Pakistan.  Accordingly, the mosque will assist with reinstating Islamic qualities and culture in Pakistan. Moreover, the Blue Mosque’s plan will turn into a reason behind consideration of drawing in guests to this society.  As you know that Blue world city’s’ color theme is Blue so, the mosque will really connect with and support the Blue World City theme.

The Blue Mosque at Blue World City has been planned and is being worked by a group of expert designers, specialists and planners who are imitating a similar detail working just like the original mosque in Turkey.

Some main features of replica being developed in Blue World City:


  • The total land of mosque is 43494 Sq Mtr
  • Covered Area: 7946 Sq Mtr Ground Floor + 5018.52 Sq Mtr Basement
  • Indoor Capacity: 15000 (5000 a greater number of people than Blue Mosque Istanbul’s which is 10000)
  • 5 Main Domes, 6 Minarets, 8 Secondary Domes
  • Park: 35548 Sq Mtr (to oblige large number of worshippers on special events).


Water theme Park

Water Theme Park of Blue World city is a staggering vacation spot for tourists. Being created in a joint effort with widely acclaimed Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology and Co. Ltd, BWC Water Theme Park is being constructed on 70,000 square meters of bumpy landscape with regular shapes adding to the beauty and serenity of the spot.

Notwithstanding 20 top notch hot rides, Blue World Water theme park likewise includes a playing region for youngsters and all the prominent yet inexpensive food brands including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and others for a family day-out!


  • The area is of 70,000 square meters
  • Regular sloping shapes adding to the vibe and ambiance of the spot
  • 20 top notch hot rides
  • Playing region for children
  • Inexpensive food outlets

Night Safari Park

Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari

The genuine excitement and thrill of the wild comes to town with Blue Town Night Safari and Zoo Pakistan’s First Real Night Safari. Experience the wilderness of Safari Kingdom in a remarkable setting inside an encased and totally secure environment.

Alongside the unbelievable day at safari where you will get to see every one of the animals in the open and secure area closely, this is the first time in Pakistan where you can experience  wildlife around evening time which will incorporate probably the most entrancing nighttime untamed animals.

It will be undeniably amazing opportunity to see creatures like lions, giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, hyenas, bear, llamas, tigers, deer and significantly more.


  • Most interesting and different breeds of animals
  • A guided tour to Jungle
  • Safari Express
  • Opened at day and night time
  • Playing area for children
  • Cheap food and cafés
  • Tight security


Lakes and Oxygen Parks


An innovation which we all need now, and our climate is asking for it since, the last decade.

The developers and planners have planned that the residents and visitors will definitely love to live in nature, and to have access to open sporting facilities which are being developed in the society.  Families and children can now have a relaxing environment and unwind in the cheerful life in these parks. The Oxygen Park and lakes inside the Blue world Society will upgrade the magnificence and charm of the society. These parks are intended to further develop individuals’ prosperity, cultivate social associations, and safeguard the climate.

So far, the amenities have made it clear that this society can definitely be labeled as tourist city of Pakistan.


Horse Mascot

Blue World City’s Horse Mascots have attained the height of 125-feet from ground-level; will be the tallest mascot figure in the world. Even before completion, it has booked its spot in the Guinness Book of World Record outperforming the 30-meter tall Kelpies, in Scotland, which draw in sightseers from around the world.

Arranged by the Central Avenue, Horse Mascots will shock the guests with their transcending presence bringing out a feeling of mesmeric and marvel with an entrancing impact, especially around evening time when the figures will be lit and be noticeable from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

The lavish green area encompassing the models, food court and spacious parking region will add to the joy of this place. Horse Mascots’ cellar corridor will have an Art Museum for the exhibition of expressions and craftsmen.

  • 125 Feet Tall Sculptures (World’s Tallest)
  • Higher than the Kelpies, Scotland
  • Covering 147,500 Sq Ft
  • Night-lit, visible from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • Craftsmanship Museum in the cellar corridor
  • Food Court and Vast Parking Area
  • Surrounded by Lush Green Meadows and Shopping Malls


Rumi’s Square

Jalal-ud-Din Mohammad Rumi was a thirteenth century Persian writer, researcher, and saint who changed the element of information and insight through his special style and approach. Rumi’s impact rises above societies and continents with swarms of devotees visiting his holy place in Konya.


Blue World City has named one its block after Maulana Rumi, raising a ultimately carved figure of the extraordinary holy person in his dervish swirl position. This 70-feet tall night-lit figure will hypnotize the guests with its air of spiritualism.

  • 70 Feet Tall Statue
  • Unequivocally etched form in his dervish pose
  • Night-lit Sculpture with an atmosphere of spirituality


Corporate Office

Blue World City is an elite spot for visitor.  Hence, the highlights probably are going to be the most noticeable authentic landmarks and present day marvels of the world, gathered in one spot.

The 300-feet tall imitation of Burj Al Arab is an upward leap of faith that is being carved flawlessly under the consistent management of a group of noted draftsmen, specialists and developers. The pinnacle will act as the corporate administrative center of BGC-IGC Consortium, the proprietors of Blue World City. The Blue World City’s Burj Al Arab includes a cantilevered sky-rooftop cafe, a helipad, a housetop tennis court, an Infinity pool and a 119-feet high chamber.

  • 300 Feet Tall
  • 14 Floors + 3 Basements
  • Covering 11802 Sq Mtr
  • Sky view Towers inspired by Botanical Gardens of Thailand
  • Sky roof Restaurant, Helipad, Roof Top Tennis Court
  • 119 Feet High Atrium
  • Penthouse
  • Offices
  • Spa and gym



Consequently, Blue World City can easily draws in heaps of the tourists around the world — starting from China and Chinese families working in Pakistan associated with CPEC, and also, from the remainder of the world who need to come and see these locales and boast the tourism in Pakistan.

Specialists of Circle Marketing have anticipated that Blue World City will proceed to be remembered for the highest places of tourists in Islamabad. You must want to invest this worthy society after reading so much interesting facts about it. You can freely contact us and we will guide you through booking procedure of plots here.