Almost every one of us has heard about Capital smart city and wants to know that what are the reasons for investing in this society.  Not only people living in Pakistan are interested and inclined towards buying property in CSC Islamabad but our overseas citizens also choose confidently and invest in this society which can proof itself the best profit making investment.

On the other hand, if you are still looking for the answer that why you should invest in Capital Smart City then no one can guide you better than Circle Marketing as they master the skill of knowing the worth of this society. If you are still here and reading the article then you need to know reasons to invest in Capital Smart City.

World Famous Developers and Designers

While putting your life long resources into real estate the most important concern of any native or overseas investor is that who are the engineers and developers  of the respective society in which they want to invest and what is their work history.  It is quite understandable that in Pakistan, there is a huge risk of fraudulent schemes and people fear of wasting their money in such scams. But Capital Smart City is no scam and you will be shocked on knowing its developers and designers.

Habib Rafiq is the developer of this society…yes you read it right… Habib Rafiq Pvt Limited (HRL) is developing this society with world famous designer Surbana Jurong which is Singapore based company teamed up with Future Development Holdings Pvt Limited. For those of you who don’t know about him then here you go…he is the mastermind behind the development of Bahria and DHA.

Habib Rafiq is a brand itself in the industry of construction and development. He has earned his name through hard work and giving quality life to people. He has pulled uncountable construction projects either societies or roads; he has always managed to take the first seat in the list of prestigious developers.


 Main Location

Another component that draws in any person while buying a property is the ideal location of that society. By prime and ideal area it is implied that any society that has easy access points from and to its surrounding areas. Such as clinics and hospitals, airport, motorways or highways, commercial district and educational institutions and so forth is considered as a prime and optimal area for investing. It makes the day to day routine simple and straightforward for you. This is one of ideal motivations to put resources into capital smart city.

Capital Smart City is ideal since it is situated close to Thalian Interchange. It is, situated on Islamabad Lahore Motorway M2 close to New Islamabad International Airport. Likewise, as per Capital Smart City map, one of the doorways of this housing society joins with the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. When Rawalpindi Ring Road is built, this housing society would offer its residents a smooth and traffic free way to the main business regions inside Rawalpindi.

Direct Interchange

This is the most outstanding justification behind putting your resource into this brilliant city which has its own interchange. Its investors were interested and put forth many inquiries that why the city has not yet gotten any NOC for motorway route.  The capital smart city has accomplished this achievement by attaining approval from FWO for interchange.

With the endorsement of trade, a ton of overseas investors are in line to put their resources into this brilliant city, in light of the interchange approval, the costs of the plots in the society has started increasing.  Thus, you ought to likewise put resources into a smart city and postpone any sort of confusion regarding this society.

Approved NOC

While putting your hard earned money into real estate  industry of Pakistan, people are quick to know whether the housing society they are putting resources into is lawfully supported or not. Many tricks and scams happen when individuals put their cash into unlawful societies and because of these reasons local and overseas investors are bit of reluctant about putting resources into real estate of Pakistan.

In the case of Capital Smart City Islamabad, it is a legitimately supported and NOC approved society. Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) have gained the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Accordingly, you can undoubtedly put away your well-earned cash in it to get the exceptional yield of financial potential.

Affordable Rates & easy installment plan

People tend to put their money here and there, they book a plot in the society however get irritated by getting notices over and over again. The capital smart city makes you the owner of your plot with just 10% of down payment. The rest amount you can easily pay in installments. You will not need to take any additional weight of paying the charges of your booked plot.  You can visit circle marketing anytime to book your plot. There are monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly installment plans. Nonetheless, we would propose picking up the plan which suits you the best.

Speedy Development

All roads and streets, high structures buildings by trend setting innovations, and leading designers are in process. Over the period of two months, gifted workers are quickly working to complete the infrastructure development at the earliest opportunity. The owners of plots are inclined towards overseas blocks, so booking a plot in that block might get you higher benefits.

Subsequently, we presented to you every one of the subtleties in the wake of perusing which you will put resources into the capital shrewd city. Be that as it may, these are only one page of the general public’s improvement status. To know more or need to book a business or private plot, continue to visit sigma properties.

Highlights of some prominent features

If we talk about its features, then the discussion will not end because it has amazing and modern features which will add up to its worth. Here is a quick overview of the features which this society has:

  • Economic hub
  • Smart Villas
  • Healthcare City
  • Educational City
  • Brt System
  • Smart City Facilities
  • A Vintage China Village
  • Hole Golf Course by Harradine Golf
  • NUTECH (National University of Technology)



The objective of this society’s developers is to provide smart administration framework with current innovation, effectiveness, and supportability for every one of its residents. It is a smart and modern housing  project intended to keep an eco-accommodating climate while providing worldwide amenities, giving their clients the most proficient and fruitful investment opportunity.